Fabulous Find Friday: Help Kids Cope App

Today’s Fabulous Find Friday isĀ Help Kids Cope.This is a helpful app for talking to kids about all sorts of natural disasters. By separating explanations by age and disaster, this app walks you through how to talk to your child about the disaster and also provides practical advice about what to do if you find yourself in a disaster setting.

What are your tips for talking to children about the “hard topics”?




Fabulous Find Friday: KidSpeak App

Today’s Fabulous Find is a very well done app from the Tuscon Medical Center for Children. This app is calledĀ KidsSpeak : Medical Preps for Kids. This app has photos of most of the rooms that a child might encounter in the hospital and walks them through all the machines and other tools that they might find in the room. It also has a digital whiteboard. This is a really cool feature that allows the child (or Child Life Specialist) to draw on the body parts. What a great way to illustrate a medical condition!

There are so many apps out there, which are your favorite ones for children?