Fabulous Find Friday: Sara’s Smiles Foundation

Today’s spotlight is on the Sara’s Smiles Foundation. They are an organization that put together kits for children who are fighting cancer. Their inspiration kit includes the following:

  • A file for important papers
  • A form letter to notify and reach out to friends, family and community
  • A tote bag to carry items throughout the hospital
  • Reusable Sticker Corners to display photos, artwork, etc. on walls
  • A door hanger and washable markers to personalize one’s room
  • A squeeze toy for stress release
  • An art pad for self-expression
  • A “Picture Me Proud” Card to share milestones and/or special accomplishments
  • Small Toys for amusement and distraction
  • A “Follow Us” Card to share pictures and stories with Sara’s Smiles

Visit their site to learn more about resources for kids with Cancer and to order kits: http://www.saras-smiles.org/links.htm



Fabulous Find Friday: RAINN Online Hotline

Today’s Fabulous Find is not specifically Child Life related, but it is a way to provide support similar to what Child Life Specialists do. Child Life Specialists use empathy to reflect and validate the feelings and experiences of the children and families that they encounter. Unfortunately, this opportunity is really only available to my readers that live near New York City or Washington D.C.

RAINN provides a 24/7 hours hotline for survivors of sexual assault. For about a year now, I have worked as a staffer for their online hotline. What’s so great about this opportunity is that I can do it from my computer at home. The way this hotline works is that you choose when you want to do your handful of 2 hour shifts each month and then you can support a survivor through their online chat. The training is 40 hours of online training and then a weekend in either New York City or Washington D.C. Click here to learn more about how to get involved.

What are some of your favorite volunteer experiences that you have done?