Fabulous Find Friday: Luke’s Fastbreaks

Today’s Fabulous Find is Luke’s FastBreaks, an organization that works to help pediatric oncology patients feel like children instead of patients when they are in the hospital. Luke’s FastBreaks does this by replacing boring hospital gowns with fun medical shirts. These shirts are designed to make it easy for children to wear while they also have their port accessed and other lines that they might have while hospitalized. The shirt has special snap tape on the sides that makes it easy to open and close as needed to take care of the patient’s lines while also helping the child feel as normal as possible during their hospitalization.

Luke fought cancer and won and now he’s giving back with the shirts that were created to help him cope with his hospitalization.  As Child Life Specialists, we know how hard it is for patients (especially teens) to wear the hospital gowns during their long stays. These patients want to be comfortable during their stay and Luke’s special medical shirts helps patients do just that.

Check out LukesFastBreaks.org  to learn more about what the organization does and how to help get shirts for your patients.


Fabulous Find Friday: Dec My Room

Today’s Fabulous Find Friday is Dec My Room. Dec My Room is an organization that changes hospital rooms from dull to personalized and comfortable. When a patient is going to be admitted for a while, Dec My Room volunteers will find out the patient’s interests and go out and shop so that they can decorate the room to feel more cozy for the patient. No hospital stay is easy, but having a room that feels like home can often help the patient cope better with their hospitalization.

To learn more, check out their website; http://www.decmyroom.org/

Crash Course: Thomas the Tank Engine

Today’s Crash Course is another one of the shows that I grew up with and is still popular today, Thomas the Tank Engine! Thomas recently moved to Nick Jr and full episodes are available online and through the Nick Jr app. I loved to watch Thomas as a kid, but I never really learned the train’s names. So check out their “headshots” below to get to know the trains better.


Thomas the Tank Engine


Edward the Blue Engine


Henry the Green Engine


Gordon the Big Engine


James the Red Engine


Percy the Small Engine


Toby the Tram Engine


Emily the Sterling Engine



Check out Thomas’ Wiki Page to learn more.

Crash Course: Dora the Explorer

And now a friend that I’m sure we all know and love, DORA! Here’s your crash course in Dora the Explorer! Dora is a bilingual character who goes on adventures with her friends through interactive TV episodes.

Image result for dora

Dora is Latina tomboy who goes on a different adventure each episode. She engages with the audience by asking questions and encouraging viewers to help her solve her adventures.

Image result for dora the explorer boots

Boots is one of Dora’s trusty companions throughout her adventures.  He’s a 5 year old monkey who is Dora’s best friend. He might make mistakes, but the smiley monkey bounces back quickly.

Image result for dora the explorer map

Maps helps Dora figure out where to go on their adventures.

Image result for dora backpack

Backpack is Dora’s most prepared friend. She is a magic satchel who has everything that Dora needs for her adventures.

Image result for dora the explorer tico

Tico is a Spanish speaking squirrel who lives in the woods and can operate any vehicle. He is known for being fun and brave at the same time.

Image result for dora the explorer benny

Benny is a 6 year old bull who lives on a farm with his grandmother. He speaks English and is a little accident prone.

Image result for dora the explorer isa

Isabella (Isa) is an iguana who loves to work in her garden. She is cool and calm and helps Boots and Dora out with information during their adventures.

Image result for dora the explorer swiper

Swiper is the main antagonist in Dora the Explorer. He is quick and a master of disguise who often tries to swipe things from Dora. She’s known to warn him; “Swiper no swiping!”


Learn more about Dora by visiting her Wiki page, Dora the Explorer Wiki Page

Fabulous Find Friday: Monkey in My Chair

When kids are in the hospital, they are forced to miss many days of school, sometimes even months. Although kids tend to complain about going to school, it is a part of their normal routine. When children are hospitalized, school is an important part of the normalization process. Doing weekly assignments, the children can maintain a schedule similar to their classmates and the homework also serves as a conversation starter for medical staff.

Although hospital teachers do a great job of bringing school into the hospital, they can’t bring the classroom experience and often that is what children miss the most. While their classmates are having fun together at recess or going on field trips, the patient is stuck in a hospital room. This is where Monkey in My Chair comes in. Monkey in My Chair is a program that sends a monkey to the child’s school to sit in their chair. This monkey serves to remind the members of the class that although their classmate is sick and missing school, they are still a part of the class. Teachers take pictures of what the monkey is up to at school and send them to the patient so that the patient can feel included in the class’s activities.

Visit this link to learn more about Monkey in My Chair; http://www.monkeyinmychair.org/program