Crash Course: Paw Patrol

Welcome to our new series, Crash Course! The easiest way to relate to kids is to talk about something that they are interested in. One of my favorite distractions is just talking to kids about their favorite TV show or their favorite song. I’ve definitely changed at least a few tears to giggles by belting out the Paw Patrol theme song. Not everyone has the time to watch these shows and research them, but I do! So here is your crash course on Paw Patrol!

Paw Patrol is about Ryder and his pups that go out on missions and save the day. Below is your guide to the characters and a little about them to start your Paw Patrol discussions.

File:PAW Patrol Chase Standard.pngThis is Chase! Chase is a police puppy. He wears blue and his most popular catchphrases are “Chase is on the Case!” and “These paws uphold the laws.”

Image result for marshall paw patrolOur next friend in Marshall! Marshall is a Dalmatian who drives a fire truck. Marshall’s catchphrases are “Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!” and “I’m fired up!”

Image result for skye paw patrolSkye looks pretty in pink flying above everyone! She is known to say “Let’s take to the sky” and “This pups gotta fly.”Image result for rocky paw patrolI’m gonna be honest, this next pup is my favorite. Rocky wears green and he’s known for caring about the environment. His symbol is a recycling symbol. Rocky’s phrases are “Don’t lose it, reuse it!” and “Why trash it when you can stash it?”

Image result for rubble paw patrol

Rubble is our construction friend. Always ready to dig up some dirt, Rubble rocks his yellow outfit! Rubble’s phrases are “Let’s dig it!” and “Rubble on the Double!”

Image result for zuma paw patrol

Zuma is our water loving friends. He scuba dives and cheers “Let’s dive it!” and “Ready, Set, Get wet!”

Image result for everest paw patrol

Everest isn’t part of the theme song or in every episode, but she is a part of the team and someone you should know. Everest is the snow puppy. Her catchphrases are “I was born to slide,” “Ice or snow, I’m ready to go” and “Off the Trail, Everest won’t fail”

Image result for ryder paw patrol

Last but not least is the puppies fearless leader, Ryder! Ryder is a 10 y.o boy who calls the pups to action when there’s an emergency. His catchphrases are “No job is too big, no pup is too small,” “PAW Patrol is on a roll” and “Whenever you’re in trouble, yelp for help!”

Now you know the characters, the next thing is to learn all the words to the theme song. Make sure to turn on the captions when you watch so you can know the words.


Check out the PAW Patrol Wiki Page to learn more!


Fabulous Find Friday: Do It For The Love Foundation

Instead of telling you about today’s find, I’m going to let the founders of this organization explain it to you.


The Vision of the Do It For the Love Foundation:


Do It For The Love is a wish-granting nonprofit organization that brings people living with life-threatening illnesses, children with severe challenges and wounded veterans to live concerts. Through the healing power of music, our goal is to inspire joy, hope and lasting celebratory memories in the face of severe illness or trauma.

 Music helps us feel alive!

Music speaks louder then words, so be sure to check them out!