Fabulous Find Friday: TFH Special Needs Toys

Today’s Fabulous Find Friday is TFH Special Needs Toys which is a great resource if you are looking for sensory toys for your children or patients. TFH Special Needs Toys has a wide variety of sensory toys that support children’s development through play. Some children struggle with sensory issues and other children need extra support when learning life skills, TFH Special Needs Toys provides the support that those children need. Their products range from sensory walls and bubble tubes to smaller items like fidget cubes and feelings cards.

Check out their full range of products at specialneedstoys.com.


Fabulous Find Friday: Okee in Medical Imaging

I recently discovered a fabulous app that I want to share with you all, Okee in Medical Imaging. Medical Imaging is one of the hospital departments that the majority of patients interact with since x-rays, CTs and MRIs are often the first step when assessing and diagnosing a patient. As a Child Life Specialist in Medical Imaging, my job is to prep patients for imaging studies and then help them cope during those procedures. We have many patients who are scared of x-rays and CTs, although nothing touches them or hurts during these pictures. My role is to talk to the patients about what is going to happen and help them realize that it won’t hurt, but I have limited time in the outpatient setting to do this. Today’s Fabulous Find Friday was something I found that I want to encourage parents/caregivers and other Child Life Specialists to use to educate and prepare patients for an upcoming trip to Medical Imaging.

This fabulous app is called Okee in Medical Imaging. Okee was created by the Royal Children’s Hospital in Melbourne to help parents prepare their children for visiting medical imaging through educational videos and interactive games. These games encourage patients to practice skills like holding still and taking deep breaths. The app also includes real pictures of what the “cameras” might look like. Although this app was designed specifically with the Royal Children’s Hospital in mind, the lessons it teaches patients and it’s ability to normalize medical imaging procedures applicable to everyone.

Okee in Medical Imaging is available in the App Store and also on Google Play.

Fabulous Find Friday: Luke’s Fastbreaks

Today’s Fabulous Find is Luke’s FastBreaks, an organization that works to help pediatric oncology patients feel like children instead of patients when they are in the hospital. Luke’s FastBreaks does this by replacing boring hospital gowns with fun medical shirts. These shirts are designed to make it easy for children to wear while they also have their port accessed and other lines that they might have while hospitalized. The shirt has special snap tape on the sides that makes it easy to open and close as needed to take care of the patient’s lines while also helping the child feel as normal as possible during their hospitalization.

Luke fought cancer and won and now he’s giving back with the shirts that were created to help him cope with his hospitalization.  As Child Life Specialists, we know how hard it is for patients (especially teens) to wear the hospital gowns during their long stays. These patients want to be comfortable during their stay and Luke’s special medical shirts helps patients do just that.

Check out LukesFastBreaks.org  to learn more about what the organization does and how to help get shirts for your patients.

Fabulous Find Friday: Pabs Packs

Today’s Fabulous Find Friday is PABS PACKS. PABS PACKS was created to provide comfort to hospitalized teens. When the founders, Pia and Abbie, were each diagnosed with illnesses that left them hospitalized, they realized that there was a lack of comfort items for teens that are in the hospital. These strong survivors chose to change that and started making comfort packages to send to hospitalized teens. These backpacks have items specially chosen to comfort and distract teens during their hospital stay.

To learn more, check out www.pabspacks.org.

Fabulous Find Friday: Little Wishes

There are a variety of wish programs for chronic or terminal pediatric patients, including Make-A-Wish and Children’s Wish Foundation, that offer large wishes to patients. But there are other organizations, like today’s Fabulous Find Friday, that focus on smaller wishes that make a difference for patients. Little Wishes makes smaller wishes come true, like a princess dress or a musical instrument. The benefit of smaller wishes is that Little Wishes can fulfill patient’s wishes more often. Every 14 days, a child can make another small wish to make their hospitalization a little more bearable.

Check out littlewishes.org/about to learn more.

Fabulous Find Friday: Child’s Play

We all know how popular video games are and many of us have probably also read the research that too much video games can have negative affects on a child’s development. But for hospitalized children, video games can also provide many benefits. Besides the entertainment aspect for those children who can’t leave the hospital, these interactive games can also help patients cope with stressful situations and invasive procedures.

Child’s Play is an organization that provides video games and toys for hospitalized children and also domestic violence shelters. Through working with the hospital to create Amazon wishlists and also utilizing cash donations, Child’s Play creates play opportunities for hospitalized children throughout the world.

Visit http://childsplaycharity.org/ to learn more about this wonderful organization.

Also check out Child’s Play Therapeutic Video Game guide which offers video games suggestions based on related therapeutic goals.



Fabulous Find Friday: Superhero Training School

What is the hospital? What’s it like to stay there when going through treatment? For the kids who are facing a new diagnosis or upcoming treatment in a new hospital, how do you explain what they will encounter or go through? Do you use the big scary words or translate the experiences into something that the kids will understand? Superhero Training School to the rescue!

Superhero Training School is a book written for kids that likens the hospital experience  to being at Superhero Training School. The author wrote this book when his young son was diagnosed with a brain tumor and he used the superhero metaphors to explain the new experiences that his son would encounter in the hospital.

Visit https://superherotrainingschool.org/ to order your copy of Superhero Training School.

superhero training school

Fabulous Find Friday: Hope for Henry

Hope for Henry is an organization that is creating innovative programs for seriously ill children and their families. This variety of programs works to reduce stress and empower children to be active participants in their medical care. Check out their website to learn more about their programs that include supporting Child Life Specialists in the hospital and motivating children in their healing journeys.

Visit https://hopeforhenry.org/what-we-do/ to learn more.

Fabulous Find Friday: Magic Aid

Abracadabra…our Fabulous Find Friday today is Magic Aid! Magic Aid is an organization that provides one-on-one magic therapy sessions for patients in the hospital setting. The trained magic therapists work with patients to perform magic tricks that support the patient’s cognitive, socioemotional and motor skills. Laughter is a powerful medicine and Magic Aid is actively working to support hospitalized children’s coping and healing.

Visit https://www.magic-aid.org/ to learn more.

Fabulous Find Friday: Dec My Room

Today’s Fabulous Find Friday is Dec My Room. Dec My Room is an organization that changes hospital rooms from dull to personalized and comfortable. When a patient is going to be admitted for a while, Dec My Room volunteers will find out the patient’s interests and go out and shop so that they can decorate the room to feel more cozy for the patient. No hospital stay is easy, but having a room that feels like home can often help the patient cope better with their hospitalization.

To learn more, check out their website; http://www.decmyroom.org/