Fabulous Find Friday: Child Life Secrets Exam Study Guide

Earlier this week I took the Certification Exam and this book was by far the most helpful resource that I used to study. What’s great about this study guide is that it covers a wide variety of material ranging from ethics and professional practice to play and child development. The other thing that’s nice about this book is that not only is there a practice test with answers, but there are paragraph length explanations for why each answer is right/wrong. After reading the books on the Association’s assigned list, this is a great study guide to use in the month before you take the exam. I highly recommend it!


3 things to know before the Exam

Yesterday I took the certification exam and thankfully, I passed! There are a couple things that I wish someone had told me while I was stressing right before I started the exam, so here is some advice for you;

  1. Take a Deep Breath! By the time you get to the exam, you have already completed classes and an internship. You have probably also done hundreds of volunteer hours, practicums, conferences and read many books on working with children. So while you may think have been studying the last couple months since you finished your internship, you actually have been studying for this test since you started your Child Life journey three or more years ago.
  2. It might not take the whole 4 hours. When I learned that it was a 4 hour exam, I started to freak out. Even the SAT and ACT are less than four hours! But the exam is actually 150 multiple choice questions. Everyone is different and luckily the 4 hours gives you plenty of time to answer all the questions and go back and check them. But as a fast test taker, it only took me an hour to complete.
  3. The practice tests really do help! Besides the suggested readings, I did many practice tests. These were the most helpful. They help you understand how the test questions are designed and what kinds of answers are your options.  If you study nothing else, do the practice tests!

Check out the Association of Child Life Professionals Candidate Manual to learn more about the exam and find the list of suggested reading.