Fabulous Find Friday: “Character Flashlights”

Today’s Fabulous Find is one of my favorite distraction tools, “character flashlights.” When I first found these at Toys R Us (days before they closed), I got them to try out and ended up loving them. I wasn’t exactly sure what to call them so I’ve said character flashlights for lack of a better word, but when I was googling them for this post I found out that they are called¬†Projector Lights.

I work in radiology, so it’s important to keep my patients still. This means that while distractions need to keep their attention, they can’t be so engaging that the child wiggles around. What I love about these lights is that they keep the child’s attention and can help with positioning. By pointing the light in a particular direction, these lights have also helped keep a child’s head still without the need to hold them down. For those of you that work in radiology, these lights also show up really well under the fluoro camera. ūüôā

Imperial Toy, Corp. Trolls Projector Light Novelty

I’d love to hear what your favorite distraction tool is? Comment below and let me know!


Crash Course: Thomas the Tank Engine

Today’s Crash Course is another one of the shows that I grew up with and is still popular today, Thomas the Tank Engine! Thomas recently moved to Nick Jr and full episodes are available online and through the Nick Jr app. I loved to watch Thomas as a kid, but I never really learned the train’s names. So check out their “headshots” below to get to know the trains better.


Thomas the Tank Engine


Edward the Blue Engine


Henry the Green Engine


Gordon the Big Engine


James the Red Engine


Percy the Small Engine


Toby the Tram Engine


Emily the Sterling Engine



Check out¬†Thomas’ Wiki Page¬†to learn more.

Crash Course: Shimmer and Shine

Today’s Crash Course is on Shimmer and Shine, two genie sisters living in Zahramay Falls.


Shimmer is a sweet, lovable and energetic genie who is all about having lots of fun!


Tala is Shimmer’s pet monkey that is a playful goofball. He often climbs up Shimmer and even sits on her shoulders and head sometimes. As a monkey, she’ll climb as high as she needs to so she can get the shiny object.


Shine is Shimmer’s sister and “partner in crime.” Shine is courageous, confident and filled with words of wisdom. She is also known for always being hungry and granting snack themed wishes.


Nahal is Shine’s tiger cub is ready to pounce on whatever catches her eye. She is feisty and silly most of the time, but also a little bit of a scaredy-cat who is startled by sudden movements.


Leah is a sensitive human who loves having genies as her friends. She is patient and takes the time to think things through.

Parisa is Leah’s pet fox. Although Leah isn’t a magical being, Parisa is a magical pet who can camouflage herself and also talk.


Zac is a human who is Leah’s friend and neighbor. Although he is a little quirky and goofy, Zac has a kind heart and a habit of telling funny stories.

Princess Samira is the most powerful genie in Zahramay Falls. As the most powerful genie, she is a mentor to Shimmer and Shine. As a believer in the power of friendship, Princess Samira is always available when the girls need her help.

Roya is Princess Samira’s pet peacock who walks around with elegance and would rather show off her feathers than play with the other pets.


Zeta the Sorcerer is Princess Samira’s rival and wants to be the most powerful person in¬†Zahramay Falls. Zeta is a sorceress not a genie and she is quick to correct anyone who says otherwise. Although Zeta tries to be evil, her plans are easily thwarted by Shimmer and Shine.


Nazboo is Zeta’s pet dragon. He is a little clumsy and goofy which often leads to Zeta’s evil plans failing.


Visit¬†Shimmer and Shine’s Wiki Page¬†to learn more about the genies and their group of friends.

Crash Course: Cars

Image result for mater

Mater is a rusty old tow truck with a southern boy twang. Voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, Mater’s catchphrases are “Dad-gum,” “If I’m lyin, I’m cryin” and “Git-R-Done.” Mater’s got a glass half full outlook and always looks on the bright side of things.

Image result for lighting mcqueen

Lighting McQueen is one of the stars of Cars. He’s a racing king with a need for speed.

Image result for fillmore cars

Fillmore lives up to his decor as the smooth talking hippie of Radiator Springs. Focusing on using natural products means that Fillmore makes his living by selling organic fuel.

Image result for luigi cars

Luigi owns Luigi Casa Della Tires in Radiator Springs and takes care of all the Cars’ tire needs.

Image result for guido cars

Guido is a forklift that works for Luigi’s in the tire shop. Guido dreams of changing tires for a race car at a real pit stop.

Image result for sheriff cars

Sheriff comes from a long line of law enforcement cars and takes his job of keeping the peace in Radiator Springs very seriously.

Image result for lizzie cars

Lizzie has been in Radiator Springs since 1927 and owns the Radiator Springs Curios shop.

Related image

Mia and Tia are twin sisters and quite possibly Lightening McQueen’s biggest fans. They eventually move to Radiator Springs where they start working at waitresses at Flo’s V-8 Cafe.


Cars doesn’t have an official theme song, but Real Gone by Sheryl Crow is a key part of the first movie. Check out the¬†Cars Wiki Page¬†to learn more!

Crash Course: Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

In an attempt to do some research for this post, I just finished watching an episode of Daniel Tiger and it might be my new favorite show. PBS kids has full length episodes available online and I watched the one on empathy. The show encourages kids to identify their own feelings and also think about other people’s feelings. There are also Daniel Tiger apps that focus on morning and bedtime routines, identifying feelings and learning to go potty.

Image result for daniel tiger

Daniel Tiger is the star of the show. In his red sweater, he may remind you of Mr. Rogers. Daniel Tiger is actually based off of Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. Daniel Tiger learns about emotional intelligence and human respect in each episode. His catchphrase is “Grrrrrr” and he’s allergic to Peaches. Daniel’s favorite toy is a tiger named Tigey.

Image result for mom tiger

Mom Tiger is a homemaker and she gave birth to Daniel’s little sister in season two.

Related image

Dad Tiger works in the clock factory and is also a photographer.

Image result for daniel tiger's sister

Margaret Tiger is Daniel’s baby sister. Her favorite toy is a stuffed Panda named Pandy.

Image result for o the owl

O the Owl lives with his uncle in a Treehouse. O loves books and his catchphrase is “Hoo Hoo.”

Image result for daniel tiger katerina

Katerina Kittycat is one of Daniel’s classmates and Katerina loves dancing. Her catchphrase is “meow meow.”

Image result for daniel tiger prince wednesday

Prince Wednesday is another classmate of Daniel’s and is Daniel’s best friend. Prince Wednesday often pretends to be animals and he keeps a rock collection.

Image result for daniel tiger miss elaina

Miss Elaina enjoys doing things backwards and often imagines travelling in space and robots.

Check out¬†Daniel Tiger’s Wikipedia Page¬†to learn more about the show.

Crash Course: Dora the Explorer

And now a friend that I’m sure we all know and love, DORA! Here’s your crash course in Dora the Explorer! Dora is a bilingual character who goes on adventures with her friends through interactive TV episodes.

Image result for dora

Dora is Latina tomboy who goes on a different adventure each episode. She engages with the audience by asking questions and encouraging viewers to help her solve her adventures.

Image result for dora the explorer boots

Boots is one of Dora’s trusty companions throughout her adventures.¬† He’s a 5 year old monkey who is Dora’s best friend. He might make mistakes, but the smiley monkey bounces back quickly.

Image result for dora the explorer map

Maps helps Dora figure out where to go on their adventures.

Image result for dora backpack

Backpack is Dora’s most prepared friend. She is a magic satchel who has everything that Dora needs for her adventures.

Image result for dora the explorer tico

Tico is a Spanish speaking squirrel who lives in the woods and can operate any vehicle. He is known for being fun and brave at the same time.

Image result for dora the explorer benny

Benny is a 6 year old bull who lives on a farm with his grandmother. He speaks English and is a little accident prone.

Image result for dora the explorer isa

Isabella (Isa) is an iguana who loves to work in her garden. She is cool and calm and helps Boots and Dora out with information during their adventures.

Image result for dora the explorer swiper

Swiper is the main antagonist in Dora the Explorer. He is quick and a master of disguise who often tries to swipe things from Dora. She’s known to warn him; “Swiper no swiping!”


Learn more about Dora by visiting her Wiki page, Dora the Explorer Wiki Page

Crash Course: Sofia the First

Everyone loves a good princess story and you will not be disappointed in Sofia the First….if you are 4. But since I’m sure you all interact with 4 year olds at some point during your day, your Crash Course on Sofia the First is here.

Image result for sofia the first princess sofia

Princess Sofia is the star of the show. She wasn’t always a princess but upon her mother’s remarriage to King Roland II, Sofia moved into the palace. She is still learning about how to be a princess and what the proper etiquette is.

Image result for sofia the first princess amber

Princess Amber is King Roland’s daughter and Princess Sofia’s step sister. Although they don’t always get along, they are learning how to be sisters.

Image result for sofia the first prince James

Prince James is Princess Amber’s twin brother. He is known for being energetic, mischievous and sometimes getting into trouble. But he does care about Sofia and want to help her adjust to life in the castle.

Image result for sofia the first clover

Clover is Sofia’s best friend and lives with her in the palace as her pet. He and his animal friends help Sofia out in return for her making sure they can find enough food.

Image result for sofia the first king roland ii

King Roland II is Sofia’s stepfather. He is a fair and just king who cares for his people.

Image result for sofia the first king queen miranda

Queen Miranda is Sofia’s mother. Originally a shoemaker, Miranda and Sofia moved to castle together when she married King Roland.

Image result for sofia the first king queen Baileywick

Baileywick is the steward of the castle. His main job is to make sure that everything is “where is should be, when it should be.” For those of you who watch reality TV and recognize his voice, Gunn from Project Runway voices Baileywick.

Image result for sofia the first king queen cedric

Cedric the Sorcerer is the royal sorcerer who originally wants to steal an amulet from Sofia and use its power. He eventually changes to good and begins to teach Sofia more about her magic.


Visit the Sofia the First Wiki Page to learn more about this enchanting princess

Crash Course: Peppa Pig

Introducing¬†Peppa Pig, everyone’s favorite British pig! Below you will meet Peppa and her friends from school.

Image result for peppa pig

Peppa Pig is the main star of the show. She loves mud puddles, as all piggies do, and enjoys play with friends.

Image result for peppa pig george

George is Peppa’s little brother. He is very young which means that he often cries when he is afraid.

Image result for peppa pig mom

Mommy Pig

Image result for peppa pig dad

Daddy Pig.

Image result for peppa pig rebecca rabbit

Rebecca Rabbit

Image result for peppa pig suzy

Suzy Sheep

Image result for peppa pig candy cat

Candy Cat.

Image result for peppa pig danny dog

Danny Dog

Image result for peppa pig pedro pony

Pedro Pony

Image result for peppa pig zoe zebra

Zoe Zebra

Image result for peppa pig emily elephant

Emily Elephant

Check out Peppa’s Wikipedia Page to learn more


Crash Course: SpongeBob SquarePants

If you don’t know about SpongeBob SquarePants, then what rock have you been living under? SpongeBob is a huge part of my childhood that I definitely get nostalgic about. Lucky for me, it’s still popular so it’s easy to chat with kids about life in Bikini Bottom and at the Krusty Krab.

Image result for spongebob

This yellow sponge is the star of the show, SpongeBob SquarePants. He is a fun, energetic and sometimes a little weird but always happy and excited.

Image result for patrick spongebob

Patrick is SpongeBob’s best friend and neighbor. Although he isn’t always super smart, he loves enjoying life in Bikini Bottom with SpongeBob.

Image result for squidward spongebob

Squidward doesn’t enjoy life in Bikini Bottom as much as our previous two characters. He is known for being SpongeBob’s sourpuss neighbor who is always cranky.

Image result for gary spongebob

Gary is SpongeBob’s pet squirrel. Although he doesn’t talk so we can understand, SponegBob communicates with Gary fairly well.

Image result for sandy spongebob

Sandy Cheeks is a squirrel who is originally from land but she gets along great with SpongeBob and Partick. Known for her strong Texas accent, she is intelligent and levelheaded.

Image result for mr krabs spongebob

Mr. Krabs is SpongeBob’s boss as the Krusty Krub. As a lover of money, his profit is most important to him. He treats his money as if it is royalty.

Image result for plankton spongebob

Plankton is the “villian” in this show. He is Mr. Krabs’ business rival and constantly trying to steal the secret recipe for the Krabby Patty (the most popular burger).

To learn more about SpongeBob and life in Bikini Bottom, check out the SpongeBob SquarePants Wiki Page

Crash Course: Llama Llama

One of the most popular kids books is Llama Llama Red Pajama. As of January 2018, Llama Llama became a Netflix show. Before I start your Crash Course, check out the book by listening to Ludacris’ reading of the storybook!!


Now that I’ve got that song stuck in your head, let’s meet the cast of Llama Llama.

Image result for llama llama

Llama Llama is our star. In the Netflix series, he goes on adventures with his mom and friends. He loves playing games but is sometimes frightened by new things.

Image result for llama llama tv show mama llama

Mama Llama is Llama Llama’s mother. As a working mother, she is busy as she guides Llama Llama as he learns about family, friendship and new things.

Image result for llama llama tv show nelly gnu

Nelly Gnu is Llama Llama’s spunky best friend who is known for asking lots of questions and sometimes getting into trouble.

Image result for llama llama tv show luna

Luna Giraffe is another member of the Llama Llama show who is friends with Llama Llama.

llama sheep

Euclid is the brains of the show!


Gilroy Goat is a friend and classmate of Llama Llama who sometimes doesn’t always have something nice to say. He doesn’t mean to hurt people’s feelings but struggles with self control.


Zelda Zebra is the classroom teacher.

Since the show just came out, the Wiki page is a work in progress. Keep checking the Llama Llama Wiki Page to learn more.