Crash Course: Llama Llama

One of the most popular kids books is Llama Llama Red Pajama. As of January 2018, Llama Llama became a Netflix show. Before I start your Crash Course, check out the book by listening to Ludacris’ reading of the storybook!!


Now that I’ve got that song stuck in your head, let’s meet the cast of Llama Llama.

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Llama Llama is our star. In the Netflix series, he goes on adventures with his mom and friends. He loves playing games but is sometimes frightened by new things.

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Mama Llama is Llama Llama’s mother. As a working mother, she is busy as she guides Llama Llama as he learns about family, friendship and new things.

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Nelly Gnu is Llama Llama’s spunky best friend who is known for asking lots of questions and sometimes getting into trouble.

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Luna Giraffe is another member of the Llama Llama show who is friends with Llama Llama.

llama sheep

Euclid is the brains of the show!


Gilroy Goat is a friend and classmate of Llama Llama who sometimes doesn’t always have something nice to say. He doesn’t mean to hurt people’s feelings but struggles with self control.


Zelda Zebra is the classroom teacher.

Since the show just came out, the Wiki page is a work in progress. Keep checking the Llama Llama Wiki Page to learn more.



Fabulous Find Friday: Child Life Connection

If you are a student, then you are going to love this Fabulous Find! Today’s Fabulous Find is Child Life Connection.

Child Life Connection works to spread awareness about Child Life. Their mission is below.

Child Life Connection brings play, diversion and education into pediatric settings, all in an effort to make being in the hospital less scary for children!

I first learned about this site because I took my Intro to Child Life Course from the founder, Belinda Hammond. I would encourage you to check out their page and also follow Child Life Connection on FB. As students, we should be looking for every educational opportunity possible to learn more about child life. Child Life Connection is a great place to get started.