Fabulous Find Fridays: My First Look and Find Books

My top three distraction tools for young children are light spinners, bubbles and MY FIRST LOOK AND FIND BOOKS! There is so much to love about these books, but here are my top three reasons.

First, they come in two sizes. The small one are nice because they fit well in a distraction bag, but I prefer the larger books. They are 12 inches tall which makes them perfect for blocking children’s views of procedures. When it comes to sutures and IVs where the patient has received numbing medication, I prefer to block the procedure from the child’s view as I think it promotes positive coping for toddler and preschool age children.

Second, they are easy to do. During my internship, I worked with a two year old oncology patient who loved these books. After only a couple times of my showing her how to do the books, the patient was able to find the indicated items with no help. But older preschools also like them because there are many items to find which makes it seem more challenging for them.

Third, the books are based of popular children’s TV shows and there are many versions. This allows you to personalize care and also diversify your distraction tools for chronic patients that you see frequently.


Fabulous Find Friday: Digging Deep Journal

Digging Deep is a journal for seriously ill children, in particular for teens. Adolescents in the hospital struggle to be heard and struggle to cope with all the changes that are happening. While all ages need support to help them cope in the hospital environment, there are not a lot of resources available specifically for teens. I received a Digging Deep Journal at conference this year and I think it’s a great tool for teens. Writing therapy is well established as a way to increase positive coping. To learn more about the benefits of writing therapy, visit this article: Can Writing Therapy Help Troubled Teens?

The journal is available online and also in a hard copy.  Visit this page to read the journal online: http://read.uberflip.com/i/403921-dd-2014-short/0?m4=

I would also encourage you to check out their entire site as Digging Deep not only provides the journal, but they are also creating a video game and offer evidence based research on their site.

I’d love to hear from you about how you support teens in the hospital. Have you used Digging Deep? How else can you support positive coping in teens?

Fabulous Find Friday: ACCO

ACCO stands for American Childhood Cancer Organization and they are our Fabulous Find today!

I learned about ACCO at the Child Life Conference this past summer. They not only work to create awareness about childhood cancer, encourage research and offer support, but they also provide education resources to parents/teacher/doctors and can provide resources for you!

To find their free educational resources, visit http://www.acco.org/books/ and scroll down to the section under Books for Parents. You will see “Professionals and Educators: Request a Desk Set of Our Informational Resources” This  desk set includes a medical play kit, books for patients and their families, general education books about cancer and more. I highly recommend you check out the ACCO!