Fabulous Find Friday: Woombie Med Pods

Today’s Fabulous Find Friday is Woombie Med Pods! Woombie Med Pods are swaddles that are specifically designed for hospitalize infants. Unlike regular swaddles that often can’t be used on hospitalized infants because of the medical devices that are needed, these swaddles are designed to swaddle the child while also allowing their necessary medical devices to be used. The Med Pod has slits to allow for lines, drains and vitals checks. They also have pods that are designed for infants with trachs, g-buttons, colostomy bags, and even a mesh swaddle for babies that need to be exposed to light.


Check out Woombie Med Pod’s webinar to learn more about the role their swaddles play in the comfort and development of hospitalized infants; Woombie Med Pods: Product Training



Fabulous Find Friday: “Character Flashlights”

Today’s Fabulous Find is one of my favorite distraction tools, “character flashlights.” When I first found these at Toys R Us (days before they closed), I got them to try out and ended up loving them. I wasn’t exactly sure what to call them so I’ve said character flashlights for lack of a better word, but when I was googling them for this post I found out that they are called Projector Lights.

I work in radiology, so it’s important to keep my patients still. This means that while distractions need to keep their attention, they can’t be so engaging that the child wiggles around. What I love about these lights is that they keep the child’s attention and can help with positioning. By pointing the light in a particular direction, these lights have also helped keep a child’s head still without the need to hold them down. For those of you that work in radiology, these lights also show up really well under the fluoro camera. 🙂

Imperial Toy, Corp. Trolls Projector Light Novelty

I’d love to hear what your favorite distraction tool is? Comment below and let me know!

Crash Course: Thomas the Tank Engine

Today’s Crash Course is another one of the shows that I grew up with and is still popular today, Thomas the Tank Engine! Thomas recently moved to Nick Jr and full episodes are available online and through the Nick Jr app. I loved to watch Thomas as a kid, but I never really learned the train’s names. So check out their “headshots” below to get to know the trains better.


Thomas the Tank Engine


Edward the Blue Engine


Henry the Green Engine


Gordon the Big Engine


James the Red Engine


Percy the Small Engine


Toby the Tram Engine


Emily the Sterling Engine



Check out Thomas’ Wiki Page to learn more.

Fabulous Find Friday: Coping Space

Learning that child is diagnosed with a serious illness or medical condition is scary, overwhelming and often leaves loved ones unsure how to respond. Today’s Fabulous Find Friday, Coping Space, is a resource offering coping strategies for schools, parents/caregivers and members of the community. Partnering with experts in PTSD, the Coping Space is full of helpful tips for families coping with a serious diagnosis.


A VCUG (Voiding Cystourethorgram) is done to see what happens in a child’s body when they go pee. Below are the steps of a VCUG;

  1. First the X-Ray tech will take pictures of their belly. These are called scouting pictures and they are done to that the doctor can make sure there’s nothing in their belly.
  2. Next the child will lay on the bed and girls will put their legs in frog position while boys can leave their legs straight.
  3. Once they are in position, the tech will clean their private parts with a special soap that sometimes looks like chocolate.
  4. After cleaning the area, the tech will insert a small straw (catheter) into where they go pee. This is done so that the tech can will up the bladder with sparkly highlighter water. This highlighter water is used to help the child’s bladder show up on the pictures.
  5. Once the straw is in, the staff will use a piece of tape to hold it into place and then fill up the bladder. Your child might feel as though they have to go pee but they need to hold it until the tech says it’s okay to go pee.
  6. The next step is the hardest, the child needs to pee on the table. The reason for this is that the goal of the VCUG is to get pictures of what happens when they go pee so they need to take x-ray pictures while the child is peeing.
  7. Once they have peed on the table and staff has taken the pictures then need, your child will be able to go the bathroom and then put their own clothes back on.

Children’s Mercy has YouTube videos going through the steps of the VCUG, check them out below.

Crash Course: Shimmer and Shine

Today’s Crash Course is on Shimmer and Shine, two genie sisters living in Zahramay Falls.


Shimmer is a sweet, lovable and energetic genie who is all about having lots of fun!


Tala is Shimmer’s pet monkey that is a playful goofball. He often climbs up Shimmer and even sits on her shoulders and head sometimes. As a monkey, she’ll climb as high as she needs to so she can get the shiny object.


Shine is Shimmer’s sister and “partner in crime.” Shine is courageous, confident and filled with words of wisdom. She is also known for always being hungry and granting snack themed wishes.


Nahal is Shine’s tiger cub is ready to pounce on whatever catches her eye. She is feisty and silly most of the time, but also a little bit of a scaredy-cat who is startled by sudden movements.


Leah is a sensitive human who loves having genies as her friends. She is patient and takes the time to think things through.

Parisa is Leah’s pet fox. Although Leah isn’t a magical being, Parisa is a magical pet who can camouflage herself and also talk.


Zac is a human who is Leah’s friend and neighbor. Although he is a little quirky and goofy, Zac has a kind heart and a habit of telling funny stories.

Princess Samira is the most powerful genie in Zahramay Falls. As the most powerful genie, she is a mentor to Shimmer and Shine. As a believer in the power of friendship, Princess Samira is always available when the girls need her help.

Roya is Princess Samira’s pet peacock who walks around with elegance and would rather show off her feathers than play with the other pets.


Zeta the Sorcerer is Princess Samira’s rival and wants to be the most powerful person in Zahramay Falls. Zeta is a sorceress not a genie and she is quick to correct anyone who says otherwise. Although Zeta tries to be evil, her plans are easily thwarted by Shimmer and Shine.


Nazboo is Zeta’s pet dragon. He is a little clumsy and goofy which often leads to Zeta’s evil plans failing.


Visit Shimmer and Shine’s Wiki Page to learn more about the genies and their group of friends.

Fabulous Find Friday: Patient Puppets

Today’s Fabulous Find is Patient Puppets.  It can be really hard to find the right doll to use for procedural teaching. Most Child Life Specialists know the feeling of ordering dolls that don’t come as pictured online and then trying to adapt to use them to demonstrate medical procedures for patients. Patient Puppets has these dolls for you! Besides offering a variety of customizable dolls, Patient Puppets also has child sized and table top models of medical items.  Patient Puppets also will customize dolls for whatever you need.

Enema Prep

Sometimes the doctor will order a patient have an Enema in the medical imaging department. For this kind of Enema, the doctor is going to fill the child’s belly with sparkly highlighter water (contrast) and then take pictures of the full belly (intestines) with an X-ray style camera.

When patients come into the hospital for this kind of enema, I explain that the doctor wants to see what happens in your belly when you have to go poop. So the doctor is going to fill your belly with sparkly highlighter water and then take pictures of your insides. Many kids say they feel much better after the enema because it helps with the constipation that they are usually feeling. Below are the typical steps for the enema. Every hospital is different so there might a different order or additional steps, but at least this is a basic intro to what it’s like for a child to get an enema in the Medical Imaging Department. To make it easier for you, I’m going to write out the steps as though I’m talking to a child.

  1. First you are going to put on the special hospital jammies.
  2. Next we are going to pictures of your belly, just to make sure you didn’t swallow any pennies. 😉 [I wait to explain anything else that is happening until after these first pictures].
  3. After these photos, you are going to lay on your side with your knees bent and your hands above your head. I often give kids a stuffed toy to hold in their hands so they have a job.
  4. While you are laying on your side, the doctor is going to put a little tube where your poop comes out. This tube is used to fill your bell with the sparkly highlighter water. It’s important to stay relaxed so I usually demonstrate for kids with my fist that its easier to stick my finger into my fist if it’s relaxed and open instead of clenched tight. I then practice deep breathing with the child and we rehearse relaxing. Party Blowers and bubbles often help kids practice their deep breaths.
  5. After the tube is in, the doctor will come in and start taking pictures of your belly while another staff member fills your tummy with the sparkly highlighter water. The doctor might have you move around a little just to make sure that the sparkly water is all over in your belly.
  6. While they are filling your belly, you might feel like you have to go poop. It’s important to use your muscles and not go poop until the doctor is done with his pictures.
  7. When they are done taking pictures, you will be able to go use the bathroom. The doctor might want a few extra pictures after you’ve emptied your belly and then you will be all done and able to go home.

Crash Course: Cars

Image result for mater

Mater is a rusty old tow truck with a southern boy twang. Voiced by Larry the Cable Guy, Mater’s catchphrases are “Dad-gum,” “If I’m lyin, I’m cryin” and “Git-R-Done.” Mater’s got a glass half full outlook and always looks on the bright side of things.

Image result for lighting mcqueen

Lighting McQueen is one of the stars of Cars. He’s a racing king with a need for speed.

Image result for fillmore cars

Fillmore lives up to his decor as the smooth talking hippie of Radiator Springs. Focusing on using natural products means that Fillmore makes his living by selling organic fuel.

Image result for luigi cars

Luigi owns Luigi Casa Della Tires in Radiator Springs and takes care of all the Cars’ tire needs.

Image result for guido cars

Guido is a forklift that works for Luigi’s in the tire shop. Guido dreams of changing tires for a race car at a real pit stop.

Image result for sheriff cars

Sheriff comes from a long line of law enforcement cars and takes his job of keeping the peace in Radiator Springs very seriously.

Image result for lizzie cars

Lizzie has been in Radiator Springs since 1927 and owns the Radiator Springs Curios shop.

Related image

Mia and Tia are twin sisters and quite possibly Lightening McQueen’s biggest fans. They eventually move to Radiator Springs where they start working at waitresses at Flo’s V-8 Cafe.


Cars doesn’t have an official theme song, but Real Gone by Sheryl Crow is a key part of the first movie. Check out the Cars Wiki Page to learn more!

Book Review: Surgery Day

I recently got the chance to check out Surgery Day by Julie Kaderabek and Laura Wolfe and I loved it! Using non-threatening language, Surgery Day walks children through the steps of their upcoming surgery. With developmentally appropriate language, Surgery Day describes the different medical equipment and experiences that will encounter in the hospital and gives children accurate information to prepare them for their surgery. Research shows that children cope better with new experiences if they are given the time and information to prepare for success. Surgery Day allows parents and caregivers to prepare their children for the new and often intimidating experience of surgery.

Visit 2 RNs to check out Surgery Day and learn more about the talented authors that created this book.