Fabulous Find Friday: Chewelry

Today’s Fabulous Find is Chewelry! Chewelry is exactly what it sounds like, jewelry that you can chew. Many kiddos in the hospital have sensory issues, especially if they have been chronically hospitalized. There are also many developmental delays associated with chronic hospitalization but it’s often hard to find a developmentally appropriate toy when the child is typical physically. Chewelry is designed for kids and adults which means it’s helpful regardless of the person’s age. It’s also designed to be stylish so it’s not as obvious that it’s meant to be chewed. But nonetheless, it can be a soothing chew when needed.

ARK's Pizza Textured Chew Necklace ARK's Basketball Chew Necklace ARK's Chewmoji™ Necklace


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