Fabulous Find Friday: One Voice

If you’ve ever been in a hospital, you know that there are a variety of medical providers assigned to each patient. They all have a role to play in the patient’s care, and they also have ideas on how things should be done. Have you stopped to think about what that’s like for the patient?

Imagine you are lying in a bed looking up at the ceiling, and I want you to imagine a boring white ceiling with florescent bulbs. Not a breathtaking sight, huh? Now listen to the machines beeping that you are hooked up to. So you can’t move because of the wires and it’s not like you are listening to your favorite country song. Now you are staring at the ceiling, hearing a variety of machines and a group of doctors walk in. And they all start talking about what they should do and who should do. How do you feel? Are you confused or overwhelmed? Now imagine that you are a 5 year old experiencing this or the stressed parent of a toddler? Is it even more overwhelming?

One Voice 4 Kids is designed because of the above situation. Their website explains it as the following:

The ONE VOICE approach teaches health care professionals how to create a less-threatening environment for children during medical procedures. The ONE VOICE acronym uses each letter to help professionals create a more kid-friendly environment….
One voice should be heard during procedure
Need parental involvement
Educate patient before the procedure about what is going to happen
Validate child with words
Offer the most comfortable, non-threatening position
Individualize your game plan
Choose appropriate distraction to be used
Eliminate unnecessary people not actively involved with the procedure
 I first learned about One Voice at my practicum this summer and then I recently met the founder at a CDS training. Learn more about my CDS training here. One Voice is our Fabulous Friday Find because it really reminds us to focus on the child and what is best for them. Even if that means taking a deep breath and holding our tongue before we speak.
 Visit their site to learn more; http://www.onevoice4kids.com/

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