Why join the Child Life Council?

Joining the Child Life Council offers many benefits and I believe that it is important if you are really determined to become a Child Life Specialist. The forum offers information, discounts and demonstrates your dedication to the field.

I think that the most important part is the information. Joining the CLC also means joining the forum. The forum is a great place to keep up with what is current in the field, a place to ask and answer questions and to network. Through the council’s website, you can find information about your regional Child Life Group or about Child Life Specialists in your area. I have made some great connections through the forum. When people respond, I like to see where they are from and what population they focus on. I found my volunteer position at the local advocacy center from the Child Life Specialist’s email response regarding advocacy centers.

The discounts are also a benefit. Conference is a great opportunity to learn and network, and CLC membership means that you get a discounted rate. Membership will also provide you discount to other events and CLC swag from the Child Life store. Membership will also show your dedication to Child Life. If Child Life was your “back up” option or you were only considering it, you wouldn’t pay (FIND COST) to join the council. If becoming a Child Life Specialist is very important to you, joining the council will be just another example of your dedication.


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