The Strength of Children

This summer has been my summer of experience! After completing my Child Life Practicum, I went on to work at four different summer camps. Stay tuned for upcoming posts about my thoughts from each of those camps, but there is one thing that I found true at all of these camps. Children are amazing! Their strength and joy are inspiring and we could all stand to learn from children.

I worked at a grief and bereavement camp, a camp for kids with sickle cell  and their siblings, an oncology camp and also a camp for siblings. The children at these camps have survived so much, yet they are still so joyful. They found good in every activity and had so much fun. So did I! These children focused on the good that was still there. They enthusiastically swam, they excitedly threw paint and whipped cream at counselors, they ran faster when their team cheered them on and they expressed themselves through arts and crafts. Because I knew their applications, I know that these children had all survived disease, loss and pain. Yet working with them, you wouldn’t know it! They had endured and survived. They had come out stronger on the other side!

I’m going to be honest, I have had an easy life. I’ve had my share of obstacles, obviously. But compared to most people, I’ve lived a blessed life. I’m enthusiastic, energetic and happy. It’s easy! What inspired me was seeing these enthusiastic, energetic and happy children who had survived things that I can’t imagine going through. Their joy shone through in everything they did. This picture is one of my favorites from this summer because I think it perfectly captures the strength and joy that I saw in this inspiring boy!



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